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Orange County Food Not Lawns Chapter (OCFNL) is a grassroots group dedicated to building strong neighborhoods, families, and communities by encouraging edible gardens… Read More…

HW Organics: For all of Your Indoor/Outdoor Gardening Needs Reflectors, Ballasts, Fluorescent Bulbs, Lighting Accessories, Seed Starting, Nutrients & Additives, Growing Media, Plant Care, Pots & Containers, Hydroponics… Read More…

Anoshastar Media Cllective Collaborating with individuals to result in a common goal; Peace through creativity & art. Peace through awareness & understanding… Read More…



Amunet Alibrüs is able to assist others as a result of a spiritual awakening that she had in 2008 that radically altered her perception of reality. she was very psychic as a child but her abilities had subsided as time went by. It was not until her spiritual awakening that she regained all of her psychic abilities and also gained Healing, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient abilities.

http://www.riveroflifehealings.com or call 916-500-2295
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Lara Miller:

Lara Miller is a golden hearted beautiful soul who’s talent brings me such joy that it’s hard not to tear up when i see her creations. She is such a giving and thoughtful soul. I highly recommend her art to anyone seeking a VIBRATIONAL HIGH. You can find Lara on Facebook or email her at lara.miller.524@facebook.com

Another A-MAZING creation by Lara Miller!





Estelle Loving:


Estelle Loving is an empowerment specialist. Her page is ALL about choosing LOVE in every situation, no matter what life brings on a day to day basis. This is how she loves her way through every day!!! You can find Estelle on Facebook or email her at estelleloving@facebook.com







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