∆ About Me

Namaste` World!

My name is Rachel Milligan and I would like to help you in finding the peace in your life that you seek. Whether it be through Clinical Hypnosis Healing, Reiki Energy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Space Clearing or Awakening Support, I am here to help you along the way on your journey to healing and spiritual discovery.

When I was a little girl I had amazing deep feeling intuition & knowing. Sometimes I received information through images/visions. Things that you would think a child could never understand, that I basically did not understand more fully until about 8 years ago. We all have that connection though, but for some of us it weakens a bit as we grow. For a good majority of people, our outside influences tell us that those feelings aren’t real and tangible, or that we shouldn’t use them to guide us through our lives. When we are still, we know that the deeper feeling never left. I’ve always had a very active dream life and will often dream things either before they happen or as they are happening as well as receiving other information through them. I still remember dreams that i had when I was 4 in great detail. I always knew that things in the world & reality were not what they seemed or what the rest of the world had been led to believe. We are SO MUCH MORE than we realize. Life is all about LOVE! And it starts with YOU. YOU loving YOU!

How lucky are we to live here on Earth in the NOW? If you are asking me… the answer is SOOO LUCKY! Although life is crazy and it may sometimes seem as though the world around us is crumbling, there is SOOO MUCH good to come. How can we build a more loving and nurturing future for our children and rest of the world, if the same structures stand that have perpetuated and created the chaos around us? The old must fall for the beautiful new to take shape, but it doesn’t have to be scary. In fact the most important thing is that you DO NOT live in fear. There is enough for ALL and everything WILL be ok. It’s this beautiful progression of man, the expansion of mind and re-connection to spirit that drives this great desire around the world to push forward to that change. The world is awakening and it is the most wonderful thing to see and share in! Most of you who already know me, know that I LOVE PEOPLE! And I want to help them 🙂

One thing I have been sure of since I was very young, is that I had something to do here on Earth. So for me this is what I NEED to do and this year 2012 is gonna be a great year to do it! I’m so blessed to be able to help you on your journey and I would like to say thank you in advance!



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