Cal-Earth – The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

Cal Earth has got to be one of my favorite places on earth! If you are in the Southern California area this place is a must see! My kids love this place and we just can’t get enough 🙂 Please go check out Cal Earth and see what they are all about!


Cal-Earth… The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture is a 501 (C)3 non-profit/charitable foundation at the cutting edge of Earth and Ceramic Architecture technologies today. Founded in 1986 by its director, Nader Khalili (1936-2008), its scope spans technical innovations published by NASA for lunar and Martian construction, to housing design and development for the world’s homeless for the United Nations.

Continuing in his tradition, Khalili’s associates and apprentices are dedicated to research and education of the public in environmentally oriented arts and architecture. Its philosophy is based on the equilibrium of the natural elements of earth, water, air, fire, and their Unity at the service of the arts and humanity.

Cal-Earth’s mission is guided by three principles: (1) shelter is a basic human right, (2) every human being should be able to build a house for him or herself, and (3) the best way to provide shelter for the exponentially increasing human population is by building with earth.

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Sustainable Green Buildings – Earthship Biotecture

Earthships are something very close to my heart. I have been passionately researching Earthships and passing on that information to anyone who would listen for years now. I think that if we all just told a few friends and they told a few friends, that we could seriously change the world! If we designed our homes this way and fed our families with food grown right there inside our home year round… How happy could life be? I mean, living in a living home! In my opinion there are 2 things that have the biggest impact on our health and they are equally important. Those 2 things are your belief systems (programs) and your fuel (food intake). What better way to be sure your food is chemical & GMO free. Pineapples, bananas, grapes, almost anything your heart desires and any where you wanna live. Now thats the ONLY way to go! 🙂 ENJOY AND PASS IT ON!!!!

Sustainable Green Buildings – Earthship Biotecture.

Honey and cinnamon cures – do they really work? Here’s what you need to know

So excited to share articles on holistic health!

Honey and cinnamon cures – do they really work? Here’s what you need to know.
(NaturalNews) Hopeful newcomers to holistic health marvel at reports about honey and cinnamon as a miracle cure-all. On the other hand, alternative health skeptics scoff at the notion of cinnamon and honey as medicine, pointing out that the plethora of articles about the curative benefits of this food duo originated with a 1995 article in the tabloid newspaper Weekly World News. The truth is that cinnamon and honey have been used to promote health for centuries, but their efficacy depends largely on a lifestyle of energetic activity and whole foods.