8 Week Re-Code YOUR Matrix Program

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This 8 week program is designed to address every aspect of life and provide tools for the future so that you can continue to clear out the negative programming and the FALSE misconceptions from childhood and negative or traumatic experiences that hold most of us back and keep us trapped in FEAR. This enables you to continue to address and more easily move through all of the crazy experiences life will always continue to bring. THIS is true empowerment!

I approach things with clients at many angles, since I believe that everything is magic and nothing isn’t connected! And since you ARE the most powerful creator in your reality, especially when you do this intentionally. Therefore there is a concentrated focus on intentional creation coaching during our time together. Hypnosis is such an amazing and powerful healing and reprogramming tool for people. But I do believe it’s equally as important to provide a person with conscious tools and ways of being and guiding their thoughts AND feelings to how they actually WANT to feel. This just multiplies the efficacy of what I call Liberating Life Systems.

Since none of the space around us is empty, and there are outside influences that seek to keep us feeling like shit, I feel strongly about cleaning up our energy field and knowing how to keep it clean as well as activating YOUR psychic gifts and senses. There are so many details of who we are in this reality that are overlooked and not properly utilized and tended to. Because of this I see people work needlessly hard to make the changes they need and deserve in life, at times to no avail. This is why I developed my program the way I have.

My  8 week Re-Code Your Matrix program includes access to the online client portal for life (or as long as the program is in existence, likely a very long time). When you sign up with me you will receive automatic emails unlocking each new section of the program, based on the pace you choose to use the program at. This access gives you; All written handouts on tools you will be gaining (too many to list), audio recordings of guided meditations as well as every single hypnosis session you will have with me and more, affirmation audio recordings, dream journal, old self workbook, new self workbook, Freed Aum Journal, too many workbooks to list, Kundalini Yoga meditations, psychic tools and exercises. I will be adding value, sessions, tools and content to this program for years to come.

Here are the Hypnosis topics listed by session. When 1 on 1 it is condensed into 1 session. The audio sessions online are typically 2 or more, stretched out so you can split them up (and listen as much as you’d like).

1. In the 1st session we deal with childhood misconceptions/meaning of events. We can choose to re-perceive events in order to become more powerful, positive and stable. In this session it’s important to get the mind, body and soul some immediate relief and gifts of magic. We give it lots of love and reaffirm it’s safety, worthiness and true potentials.

2. We then iterate to the subconscious and unconscious mind that there is a new and better way to be thinking, feeling and moving thru life, and tell it what that is. Beginning to build NEW inner standings that will support you throughout your life. Carrying on with activation/re-connection to Higher-self.

3. And then it’s time to release Karma, renegotiate contracts with guides, repair and activate the 12 strand DNA and RNA healing and repair we are all capable of.

4. And now for re-connection to, and healing in, NATURE and accessing ancient knowledge in the DNA. WE ARE DEFICIENT IN NATURE. This essential connection will guide you always and supply that connection we all have to the NOW moment as well as our past and our ancestors!

5. This is when we get to the nitty gritty of things. This session is about dissolution of soul contracts that may have been inserted before birth, during birth and the life process. This is a powerful session meant to gain you sovereignty on every level. We dissolve and heal soul contracts with; Media, medical, banking, school, governments, secret society families, demons, parasites and inter-dimensional malevolent beings. This session ends with an Akashic Records repair through GOD/SOURCE.

6. Now to balance. This session is about healing the divine feminine and masculine aspects and wholes inside of us all. Another very powerful session created to address the distorted programming aimed at us.

7. And now we get to some more long term Liberating Life Systems. This is where we install an internal and spacial mind mapping system for you to access all parts of yourself to make changes in, your body and it’s systems, your life and relationships, on your own, forever. I call this the Homestead System.

8. And finally the last session is either a past life regression (QHHT), or you may choose to go deeper and target something you’d like to work more on.

Although it is designed to be an 8 week program it’s flexible enough for people to take it at their own pace. For example making it a twice a week program lasting 4 weeks or stretching it out to be a 16 week program or longer. Whether that be for time, emotional, or financial constraints; this makes it more accessible to the average person who this type of WHOLE life SOULution appeals to. Those people typically are spiritually awake and energetically aware. Those are the people these Liberating Life Systems are MOST effective and successful for.

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If you find that this sounds like something that would add value to your life and help you find and KEEP the stability and KNOWING of worthiness you desire, click here to set up your free telephone strategy session, if you haven’t already. I look forward to answering any questions that you may have and helping you remember WHO YOU truly are and WHAT YOU are really capable of!

Spiritually Awake & Energetically Aware…
I CAN help you gain the stability and tools to help you ? continue living your life in a new and more stable, healthy way. ?


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