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What happens when you ask The Most High for the TRUTH?

Well, God WILL give you the truth if you humble yourself and ask with your WHOLE HEART. But you have to stop telling God what can or can’t be true! We may know A LOT but we DO NOT have the whole truth. GOD owns the truth. He is the creator and holder of truth AND He does want you to have it!

This has been an incredible and long journey. I began my hypnosis work in 2012 after my certification by Dolores Cannon in Los Angeles. I was searching for the truth and some explanation for the beyond strange experiences of my own life. I wanted to know how these foreign objects got inside of my body and what was this force I saw moving through my loved ones and humanity that seemed to surface suddenly and recognize me where ever I went and no matter who I was talking to. A specific presence I could sense in almost anyone.

I wanted to help people. People like myself who had unexplained extraordinary experiences. So that began my training and dedication to learning how to help people free themselves of this evil and “programming” we are all under. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My son began having grand mal seizures in 2018. I was right there when the first one happened. He cried out for me and was reaching for me when it happened. It was so obvious that I had just been witness to a possession. To see his face and hear the sound that came from him… His soul was crying out for help! It was shattering! To see you own child (20 years old but still my child) have an affliction like that is just unbearable in every way! I used my research skills and knowledge to try and help him heal to no avail. We tried EVERYTHING. We saw every specialist, tried every therapy and new device. It only got worse. It gnawed at my gut, I knew it was spiritual and so did he.

In the fall of 2021 I began to see many of the “Spiritual Teachers” I had been connected to either become un-apologetically Luciferian, or they were giving their lives to Jesus and becoming Christians. I knew the world I was born into and had grown up in was inherently Satanic, yet I had been scared to turn to Jesus as so many who had hurt me in my life said they were “Christians”.  I had a fear of Jesus being yet another “trap”.

But I was tired. I was worn down trying to research enough, meditate enough, do enough “energy work” to figure out how to really keep myself and my loved ones safe from this force of evil, so that I could pass that knowledge on to my clients. As the world revealed this evil to me more and more I realized it was so ancient that a persons entire bloodline often had to be taken into account in order to really begin to free them from what seeks to oppress each and every one of us.

And so I used this knowledge for hypnosis and taught people how to be THEIR OWN energy healers. And it was working! At least it seemed to be. And then I began to see that it also had another effect. It began to show an impact I hadn’t intended. And again, I was reminded of what I was seeing around me taking place. I finally humbled myself and picked up my bible. I prayed harder and more honestly and humbly than ever before in my life.

JESUS answered my prayer and revealed himself unto me. I was in AWE. I never imagined that it would happen this way. I had so many questions, so much hurt. I had no idea he would give me a new heart, until I received one. It’s something you just cannot do justice as you attempt to describe it.

I had tried to be a good person. I thought I was for the most part. As it turns out, I wasn’t this good person who I had deluded myself to think I was. No matter how much I tried, I had been a person who I was ashamed to be. I had done things I would regret forever. For the first time it all was laid bare and I understood why I needed Jesus in every way, and WHO He was. And then I realized WHY he died for me. All I could do was weep with gratitude and a new understanding I had never had before. And I began to heal for the first time in my life.

He showed me what I was doing wrong. That I could no longer do this work that I thought was helping people AND WHY. And so now I witness to you. I would have bet every dime I had ever made that this would NOT be me. That I would never arrive at this place. I knew too much! And yet here I am. I know what he saved me from. I hope to help you know what he can save you from too. He’s shown me what he wants me to talk to you about. And I hope you’re ready to have that conversation with me.

I’d like to invite you to have a phone call with me. Please understand, the New Age is nothing less than an ancient Satanic agenda and it wants your very soul and IT will fight like Hell to get it. Whatever crazy thing you’ve experienced, you’re not crazy. I know others may not believe you, but I will. What do you have to loose by taking 30 minutes to talk? Ahh but what could you gain? Eternal life. Redemption. True healing!

Jesus healed people and cast out demons and he commissioned his disciples to do the same. This is what humanity needs now. It is likely what you need right now too. Lets talk. Let me answer your questions about WHY these practices will seem to help, but then will only further your depression/oppression.

Love, Rachel Milligan

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Note: Please be patient with me as I transform my website and business to something Jesus would be proud of. I have so much work to do and so much that needs to be changed in order to reflect what has changed in me. But it’s important that people see where I came from. Most are seeking this type of therapy because the medical community has failed them and religion too. Please don’t give up. Lets talk! There is a force for good in the world, and He loves you! We live in a filthy fallen world but there IS a REAL SOULution.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you, in Christ our Lord.