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Divine Matrix SOULutions QHHT02 Alex – YouTube

Man visits life with out a body as a blue light being ∞
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These Light Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. If you have them, do THIS immediately! – allabouthealthyfood

Many of us in the effort to save energy and money, replaced our old standard light bulbs with environmentally-friendly with the new generation energy saving light bulbs.  However, the new generation of energy efficient light bulbs are so toxic that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created an emergency protocol you need to follow in the

Source: These Light Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. If you have them, do THIS immediately! – allabouthealthyfood

Autistic boy learns to speak again after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment | Minds

Young Kalel Santiago faced some serious challenges in his early childhood.  At just 10 months, he experienced a rare kind of cancer called neuroblastoma.  For two years he endured radiation and chemotherapy as well as multiple surgeries; eventually he rid himself of the cancer but developed a strong case of autism. He was unable to speak.  “While he was in the hospital, we noticed he didn’t speak at all and had some behavior that wasn’t right, like hand flapping, and walking on his toes,” his father, Abiel Gomez Santiago, tells Yahoo Parenting from the family’s home in Aguada. “But we waited until he was 3 and cancer-free to look at his behavior.” They tried several ways to help Kalel handle the autism, including various schools and therapies, as well as personally studying autistic behavior.  They found some success with a surf school near their home, but Abiel still didn’t speak. Then, shortly after, they discovered the value of hemp oil high in cannabidiol (CBD), a compound often found in large amounts in certain strains of hemp.  This compound has been found to ease symptoms of autism and epilepsy, so they gave it a try. Within two days, Kalel was speaking again.  He said his vowels in school and the teacher took a video to send to the parents.  “You can’t imagine the emotion we had, hearing Kalel’s voice for the first time,

Source: Autistic boy learns to speak again after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment | Minds

Watch cannabis knock out this child’s seizure in a matter of seconds – Medical Marijuana 411

It is high time that we all start having open dialog on this subject. As a mother of a vaccine injured child I couldn’t even watch this video with our crying. Our children are suffering! And our lack of ability as a society to do some critical thinking and talking on taboo subjects such as cannabis has only held us back further.

We have been lied to! Cannabis is a miracle plant and the research is out there to prove it! I’d like to thank you for signing up for my newsletter and being a part of the solution in this beautiful world 🙂 Please take the time to watch this video and then recommend it to friends and family. Help us awaken the world to inexpensive, safe and highly effective natural cures like cannabis.


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12-year-old “Cyndimae” (11-years-old at the time of this video) suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, known as “Dravet Syndrome.” Here her mother, Susan Meehan, administers activated-CBD, present in oils extracted from the Cannabis (Marijuana) plant, as an emergency anti-seizure medication. When applied orally between the gums and lower lip, the medication is able to soak directly to her bloodstream through the mucus membranes in her mouth.

Which, as you can see, knocks out the seizure in a matter of seconds and with virtually no side effects.

More about the current strains of marijuana Cyndimae uses, cannabinoids extracted and tested, and dosages and applications for specific types of seizures, can be found on their Facebook page, Cyndimae S’miles.


Source: Watch cannabis knock out this child’s seizure in a matter of seconds – Medical Marijuana 411

Amazing benefits of earthing/grounding

Throughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth.And throughout time, such ordinary contact served as a conduit for transferring the Earth’s natural, gentle negative charge underfoot into the body. You see, we are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet.

Modern lifestyle has disconnected us from this primordial charge.

Earthing is the landmark discovery that the disconnect may make us more vulnerable to stress and illness. Contact with the Earth appears to uphold the electrical stability of our bodies and serve as a foundation for vitality and health. In an age of rampant chronic inflammation and disease, “grounding” ourselves by reconnecting with the Earth beneath our very feet provides a way back to better health.

Reconnect to the Earth!  Connect to the Earthing Institute and educate yourself.

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Source: Home – Earthing_Institute



“Grounded” is an independent feature film about what is considered by many authorities to be “The Greatest Health RE-discovery of All Time”. The concept was tested on the people of Haines, Alaska , (population 1,700.) Now showing on Youtube for free for a limited time. READ MORE:

CBD In Cannabis Reduces Stroke Damage | Cannabis TV Blog

CBD In Cannabis Reduces Stroke Damage

It is not widely known yet, but cannabis is critical to minimizing the damage done not only during, but in the hours, days and weeks after a stroke. Researchers suspect that many antioxidants can reduce the severity of ischemic strokes, in which blood vessels in the brain become blocked. During ischemic strokes, which make up 80% of all strokes, toxins in the brain initiate the release of reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals into the bloodstream. These harmful “free radical” molecules, along with a lack of oxygen-rich blood flowing to the brain, are under suspicion as one of the primary agents that cause stroke damage, such as paralysis and loss of speech and vision.

Antioxidants in cannabis such as cannabidiol (CBD) neutralize free radicals and so might limit the damage they cause. Free Radicals contribute to Oxidative Stress, which kills cells over time and are a contributing factor in the process of aging and death, along with a variety of illnesses and diseases many types of cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, heart failure, autism and more.

The CBD compound is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t cause the euphoric “high/drunk” effect, as the well known THC cannabinoid does. Of the two primary classes of cannabis types, there is Sativa, which is usually higher in THC and low in CBD, ideal for recreational use, neurological disorders, depression, and many other problems. The other cannabis type is Indica which is high in the pain relieving, non-psychoactive CBD, and low in the “high producing” THC compound. There are also Hybrid strains, which combine various Indica and Sativa strains, giving you options to find the strain that works best for your specific medical needs. The most recent studies on cannabis in Colorado and Washington are showing that a 1:1 ratio is ideal for pain management. That means finding a strain with 10% THC and 10% CBD would be preferred over another strain with 20% THC and only 0.2% CBD.


This is important to know when dealing with stroke victims. The cascade of toxins that are released into the brain from a stroke can continue to destroy millions of brain cells in the hours, days and weeks after the event. It is critically important that a stroke victim be treated with Indica based cannabis as soon possible after the stroke to minimize stroke damage. A severe brain trauma event can result in spending years in a rehabilitation facility or possibly even death.

Since smoking is not viable in this situation, the ideal form of administering a cannabis treatment would be an edible oil such as “Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil” or even liquid tinctures which can be filled into a liquid dropper and quickly absorbs into the glands under the patients tongue. Unfortunately, making this edible cannabis oil, or the tincture, requires large amounts of raw cannabis flowers (aka buds, nugs), usually one pound or more, which can cost $1000-4000 on the black market depending on your location in the United States, which will only make enough to provide the patient with medicine for 2-3 months of use. Visit “” for more info on Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil. On the website it’s listed as “hemp” oil but it is not industrial hemp, it is actually cannabis.

The neurotoxins that flood the brain during and after a stroke are called “Glutamic acid” or Glutamates. For reasons yet unknown to scientists, the brain releases a flood of these neurotoxins during a stroke, which is referred to as a “Glutamatergic Storm”. The mass death of millions of brain cells as a result of the glutamate storm is called “Excitotoxicity”. The effects of Excitotoxicity are related to a variety of neurodegenerative illnesses and diseases including multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal and especially benzodiazepine (Benzos) withdrawal, and also Huntington’s disease.

By using cannabis and it’s CBD compound, the severity of the damage caused by Excitotoxicity during strokes can be reduced, giving the victim a second chance at life, offers a better chance of reducing the likeliness of serious physical and mental impairments and disabilities, and improves their overall Quality Of Life (QOL). If someone you know is at risk of a stroke or has become a victim of a stroke, please research “cannabis CBD stroke” online and visit for more information on how cannabis can help mitigate the severity of brain trauma including strokes.


Source: CBD In Cannabis Reduces Stroke Damage | Cannabis TV Blog

Woman Combines Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil (You won’t believe what happened to her body) – Natural Medication

What to do if you have advanced terminal lung cancer that mainstream medicine even admits it can’t cure? Well some of you who have the wherewithal to obtain cannabis oil may know the answer to that. But what if you live in a nation that has no medical marijuana allowances at all? There are still many places like that. Australia is one of them.

Source: Woman Combines Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil (You won’t believe what happened to her body) – Natural Medication

Why sex should be treated as a spiritual practice.

Mention the word sex and eyes widen and ears perk up. The strong reaction the subject arouses reflects the spicy nature of sexual energy. We may be at the gym feeling tired and depleted, but if someone we find attractive starts working out next to us, our energy level is suddenly boosted. That energetic intensification represents the activation of our Lower Dantian (energy center below the navel), which holds our sexual energy in reserve.

Pure sexual energy is as unstable as dynamite and just as explosive. It can transport us to sublime states of bliss and delight, or cast us into the darkest pits of anguish, terror, and depravity. The volatile and wild nature of sexual energy convinced some religious traditions to view it as an impediment to spiritual development, and to some degree this belief still continues to perpetuate in the popular imagination because of the confusion, heartache, and pain that sexual intimacy can cause.

To demonstrate this, rank the following three words from the most to the least spiritual: wisdom, love, sex. If we took a poll, the top position might be a tossup between wisdom and love, but without a doubt sex would rank last on the list. No one questions the connection between spirituality and love or spirituality and wisdom. But the link between spirituality and sexuality is a harder sell.

From the Qigong perspective, however, the notion that sexuality and spirituality are antithetical is misguided, because sexual energy forms one of the cornerstones of happiness. If we ever hope to secure long-lasting happiness in a loving relationship, we must heal our socially conditioned distortions about sexuality. We must erase the invisible line we draw with our minds around our beltlines, above which lies the greater part of human nature and below which lies the lesser. In essence, we must spiritualize sex.

But how do we redeem sexuality and elevate it to the spiritual status it deserves? How do we reconcile the square of sex with the circle of spirit when sexual pleasure is often responsible for so much shame, trauma, and pain? One place to begin searching for an answer to these questions lies in identifying the fundamental, seemingly irreconcilable differences between male and female sexuality. Those differences swiftly become apparent in the bedroom.

Stereotypically, male sexual energy flares up and is exhausted quickly, like a match, while female sexual energy boils slowly and remains hot for a long time, like a pot of boiling water. These different tempos are a source of shame for men who climax too fast and frustration for women who may not climax at all. This problem is then compounded by the notorious fact that when male sexual energy is activated men often become emotionally unavailable, and the other notorious fact that the female sexual experience is often laden with sentimentalism that men normally can’t relate to.

Obviously, we can’t alter our sexual instincts. What we can do, however, is use spiritual practice to overcome the limitations imposed by nature on our sexuality. In fact, we can transform the inherent mismatch between male and female sexuality into an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth.

Let’s begin by considering the way Qigong can help a man harness his sexual energy. When male sexual energy is aroused, it intensifies locally around the genitals and quickly flows out of the body. That is the natural pattern of male sexual energy. But men can learn to reverse that flow and direct their sexual essence upward, toward the Middle Dantian (energy center at located at the heart level). By doing so, a man accomplishes two goals. First, he diminishes the urge to ejaculate, and second, as sexual energy rises to his heart, passion blends with love and tenderness. A man who masters this skill is able to prolong intercourse indefinitely and deepen his emotional connection during lovemaking.

When female sexual energy is aroused, it naturally flows inward and upward from the genitals toward the heart. Stimulation of the breasts further activates the Middle Dantian (energy center at located at the heart level) and reinforces an emotional response. Unlike men, women don’t need to practice Qigong to integrate their sexual vitality with their love. These qualities mingle naturally, and in this respect, female sexuality is inherently more integrated.

But through spiritual practice both women and men can learn to integrate their sexual energy to even higher levels. Sexual vitality can be directed upward from the heart to the top of the head, where it becomes infused with the blissful quality of sacredness. And from there, sexual vitality can be circulated through the Central Meridian Meridian (the energy channel that unifies the three main energy centers — the Dantians) into the sky, where it is experienced as heavenly ecstasy.

Sexuality that centers on the genitals and the Lower Dantian (energy center below the navel) corresponds to passionate sex. Sexuality that integrates the sexual vitality of the Lower Dantian with the heart-centered energy of the Middle Dantian corresponds to intense lovemaking. Sexuality that integrates all three dantians corresponds to blissful sacred love. And sexuality that integrates the all three dantians and the Central Meridian corresponds to cosmic ecstasy.

Cosmic ecstasy is vastly more intense, pleasurable, and meaningful than even the most passionate sex. Comparing the two is like contrasting a bathtub with the ocean.

There is no surer way to bring long-lasting happiness into an intimate relationship than to ground it in enduring bliss.

Adapted from The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom by Robert Peng. Copyright © 2013 by Robert Peng. Published by Sounds True.
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Boycott these Monsanto-pandering factory ‘food’ companies and help drive GMOs out of the food supply

Boycott these Monsanto-pandering factory ‘food’ companies and help drive GMOs out of the food supply.

(NaturalNews) If Americans are truly serious about making real progress in the fight against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), then we are going to have to take things to the next level by voting with our wallets, and boycotting every single factory food company that continues to secretly use GMOs in its products. And one way to help jump start this efforts is to get the health-conscious community up to speed about which major food companies are still using GMOs in secrecy…. Read More.GMO
Purchase only local, non-GMO, organic foods; avoid eating out at restaurants that serve conventional food

Label it Yourself! Help others know what’s GMO!

This website is an integral part of restoring our food source and health.

The Label It Yourself (#LIY) campaign empowers people to make educated decisions about what is in their food, without waiting for government or corporations to do it for them.

We LOVE it when people design their own labels!
To see labels that people have submitted click here.

Visit LIY TUMBLR to check out what people are labeling and share your own labeling actions.

IMPORTANT!! Remember to educate yourself on what needs to be label and what doesn’t!
You can find a guideline here.”