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These Light Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. If you have them, do THIS immediately! – allabouthealthyfood

Many of us in the effort to save energy and money, replaced our old standard light bulbs with environmentally-friendly with the new generation energy saving light bulbs.  However, the new generation of energy efficient light bulbs are so toxic that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created an emergency protocol you need to follow in the

Source: These Light Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. If you have them, do THIS immediately! – allabouthealthyfood

Autistic boy learns to speak again after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment | Minds

Young Kalel Santiago faced some serious challenges in his early childhood.  At just 10 months, he experienced a rare kind of cancer called neuroblastoma.  For two years he endured radiation and chemotherapy as well as multiple surgeries; eventually he rid himself of the cancer but developed a strong case of autism. He was unable to speak.  “While he was in the hospital, we noticed he didn’t speak at all and had some behavior that wasn’t right, like hand flapping, and walking on his toes,” his father, Abiel Gomez Santiago, tells Yahoo Parenting from the family’s home in Aguada. “But we waited until he was 3 and cancer-free to look at his behavior.” They tried several ways to help Kalel handle the autism, including various schools and therapies, as well as personally studying autistic behavior.  They found some success with a surf school near their home, but Abiel still didn’t speak. Then, shortly after, they discovered the value of hemp oil high in cannabidiol (CBD), a compound often found in large amounts in certain strains of hemp.  This compound has been found to ease symptoms of autism and epilepsy, so they gave it a try. Within two days, Kalel was speaking again.  He said his vowels in school and the teacher took a video to send to the parents.  “You can’t imagine the emotion we had, hearing Kalel’s voice for the first time,

Source: Autistic boy learns to speak again after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment | Minds

Watch cannabis knock out this child’s seizure in a matter of seconds – Medical Marijuana 411

It is high time that we all start having open dialog on this subject. As a mother of a vaccine injured child I couldn’t even watch this video with our crying. Our children are suffering! And our lack of ability as a society to do some critical thinking and talking on taboo subjects such as cannabis has only held us back further.

We have been lied to! Cannabis is a miracle plant and the research is out there to prove it! I’d like to thank you for signing up for my newsletter and being a part of the solution in this beautiful world 🙂 Please take the time to watch this video and then recommend it to friends and family. Help us awaken the world to inexpensive, safe and highly effective natural cures like cannabis.


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12-year-old “Cyndimae” (11-years-old at the time of this video) suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, known as “Dravet Syndrome.” Here her mother, Susan Meehan, administers activated-CBD, present in oils extracted from the Cannabis (Marijuana) plant, as an emergency anti-seizure medication. When applied orally between the gums and lower lip, the medication is able to soak directly to her bloodstream through the mucus membranes in her mouth.

Which, as you can see, knocks out the seizure in a matter of seconds and with virtually no side effects.

More about the current strains of marijuana Cyndimae uses, cannabinoids extracted and tested, and dosages and applications for specific types of seizures, can be found on their Facebook page, Cyndimae S’miles.


Source: Watch cannabis knock out this child’s seizure in a matter of seconds – Medical Marijuana 411

Amazing benefits of earthing/grounding

Throughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth.And throughout time, such ordinary contact served as a conduit for transferring the Earth’s natural, gentle negative charge underfoot into the body. You see, we are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet.

Modern lifestyle has disconnected us from this primordial charge.

Earthing is the landmark discovery that the disconnect may make us more vulnerable to stress and illness. Contact with the Earth appears to uphold the electrical stability of our bodies and serve as a foundation for vitality and health. In an age of rampant chronic inflammation and disease, “grounding” ourselves by reconnecting with the Earth beneath our very feet provides a way back to better health.

Reconnect to the Earth!  Connect to the Earthing Institute and educate yourself.

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Source: Home – Earthing_Institute



“Grounded” is an independent feature film about what is considered by many authorities to be “The Greatest Health RE-discovery of All Time”. The concept was tested on the people of Haines, Alaska , (population 1,700.) Now showing on Youtube for free for a limited time. READ MORE:

Label it Yourself! Help others know what’s GMO!

This website is an integral part of restoring our food source and health.

The Label It Yourself (#LIY) campaign empowers people to make educated decisions about what is in their food, without waiting for government or corporations to do it for them.

We LOVE it when people design their own labels!
To see labels that people have submitted click here.

Visit LIY TUMBLR to check out what people are labeling and share your own labeling actions.

IMPORTANT!! Remember to educate yourself on what needs to be label and what doesn’t!
You can find a guideline here.”

HW ORGANICS: Located In Hesperia

HW ORGANICS: For all of Your Indoor/Outdoor Gardening Needs 


Reflectors, Ballasts, Fluorescent Bulbs, Lighting Accessories, Seed Starting, Nutrients & Additives, Growing Media, Plant Care, Pots & Containers, Hydroponics, Meters & Solutions, Filtration, And Climate Control. We also have unique handcrafted Dreamcatchers for sale. Shop online at or come in and see us! We Are Located On The Corner Of Main Street And Cottonwood Ave at: 14875 Main Street Ste. 102 Hesperia, California 92345  Store Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm,Sat:10am-6 pm, Sun: 10am-5pm. Helpful staff are available to answer all your questions: (760) 949-7755 Or Email us at:

H W Organics: Grow Lights – Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients, Hydroponic Systems…





About Us




FoodCorps is a nationwide team of leaders that connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy.


We do that by placing motivated  leaders in limited-resource communities for a year of public service. Working under the direction of local partner organizations, we implement a three-ingredient recipe for healthy kids. Our Service Members:


Teach kids about what healthy food is and where it comes from

Build and tend school gardens

Bring high-quality local food into public school cafeterias


Orange County Food Not Lawns Chapter

Orange County Food Not Lawns (OCFNL) is a grassroots group dedicated to building strong neighborhoods, families, and communities by encouraging edible gardens.

Orange County Food Not Lawns (OCFNL) is a grassroots group dedicated to building strong neighborhoods, families, and communities by encouraging edible gardens.    We believe that edible gardening is not only about the great food, but is also about the process of sharing, hoping, having fun, creating memories, getting dirty, making something useful, and interacting with neighbors and loved ones.  In this website, we hope to provide information about edible gardening in Orange County and also suggest some ideas on what it means and how to get the most out of it. Visit

Cal-Earth – The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

Cal Earth has got to be one of my favorite places on earth! If you are in the Southern California area this place is a must see! My kids love this place and we just can’t get enough 🙂 Please go check out Cal Earth and see what they are all about!


Cal-Earth… The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture is a 501 (C)3 non-profit/charitable foundation at the cutting edge of Earth and Ceramic Architecture technologies today. Founded in 1986 by its director, Nader Khalili (1936-2008), its scope spans technical innovations published by NASA for lunar and Martian construction, to housing design and development for the world’s homeless for the United Nations.

Continuing in his tradition, Khalili’s associates and apprentices are dedicated to research and education of the public in environmentally oriented arts and architecture. Its philosophy is based on the equilibrium of the natural elements of earth, water, air, fire, and their Unity at the service of the arts and humanity.

Cal-Earth’s mission is guided by three principles: (1) shelter is a basic human right, (2) every human being should be able to build a house for him or herself, and (3) the best way to provide shelter for the exponentially increasing human population is by building with earth.

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Sustainable Green Buildings – Earthship Biotecture

Earthships are something very close to my heart. I have been passionately researching Earthships and passing on that information to anyone who would listen for years now. I think that if we all just told a few friends and they told a few friends, that we could seriously change the world! If we designed our homes this way and fed our families with food grown right there inside our home year round… How happy could life be? I mean, living in a living home! In my opinion there are 2 things that have the biggest impact on our health and they are equally important. Those 2 things are your belief systems (programs) and your fuel (food intake). What better way to be sure your food is chemical & GMO free. Pineapples, bananas, grapes, almost anything your heart desires and any where you wanna live. Now thats the ONLY way to go! 🙂 ENJOY AND PASS IT ON!!!!

Sustainable Green Buildings – Earthship Biotecture.