Space Clearing

Space Clearing: Does your space make you feel uneasy? Do you dread going in certain parts of your home? Do you feel like someone is watching you? Do you have an unexplained illness after moving into a new space? Do you feel like you are living in a haunted house? Space Clearing can assist you with your personal and public spaces, homes, businesses, properties, and land. Space clearings can be performed in-person or distantly / remotely.

When is a space clearing needed?

Objects are moving by themselves, doors open and close, hearing footsteps or voices, lights turning off and on

 You feel cold spots in your space

 You moved into a new home or office (space clearing in this instance clears the previous occupants energies as well as any other entities or stagnant energies)

 You suffer an unexplained illness after moving into a new space

 Emotional trauma occurred in the space

 Substance abuse, a crime, or a murder/suicide occurred in the space

 You feel anger, rage, emotional pain, or depression that “does not belong to you” while in the space- This can also happen if you are haunted by a spirit or entity

 Your pets bark or stare at what appears to be nothing

Space Clearing creates a  light, peaceful, and comfortable feeling allowing you to enjoy staying in a space. On the contrary, when the energy in a space is stagnant, dense, and heavy this creates a suffocating feeling and you will not want to stay in the space. Even if you don’t feel that you have negative energies in your home, business, or space, a space clearing can also be conducted just to lift the vibration of the environment of your space. 

Your Space may also have energies that are referred to as earthbound spirits, energetic imprints, entities, ghosts, or apparitions. Some of these earthbound spirits or energies may be deceased loved ones, previous occupants of the space, or spirits that may have been wandering and are attracted to the family or person in the home or space. The energies or spirits may go unnoticed while in other instances the energies or spirits may become disruptive and destructive affecting the occupants of the space. During a space clearing I will assist these energies and spirits in moving on, helping to clear your space. I use Reiki & Energy Lightwork to raise the vibration of your space or land. By doing this any energies that do not resonate with this high vibration have to move out of the space. 
If you are unsure if your space is in need of a clearing  please contact me and I will be happy to assess your situation and offer you guidance with your specific situation.

For those of you that are frightened I would like for you to know that it is going to be all right. Having a spirit or entity in your home can be a frightening event. It is important to know that these energies can be moved out of your space letting you once again reclaim your space bringing you a sense of peace.


 Travel and Lodging Expenses may apply if outside of  Reno/Tahoe area- done in person, and not done remotely.

 Gift Certificates Available


 ALL Major Credit or Debit Cards, Paypal & Cash

 Sessions must be pre-paid

 No refunds

 24-hour cancellation is required

To book an appointment please call (775)741-8319 or use the Contact Form


Disclaimer-Rachel Milligan is not a licensed medical professional. Please continue to see your Physicians, Specialists, Psychiatrists, and to continue with any Therapeutic care. Please do not stop taking any medications unless recommended by your medical professional while under your medical professionals care. It is strongly urged that you always consult your Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or other Medical Professional for any and all conditions and concerns that you have. It is recommended that Reiki Energy Healing be used only as a complementary method in addition to traditional medical treatment. The treatments contained in this website are alternative or complementary to healing arts services or medical services licensed by the state of California. Complementary healing arts such as Reiki Energy Healing do not require licensing by the state of California. Reiki Energy Healing is done while the client is lying down and is fully clothed. The practitioner places their hands on or above the body and allow Reiki Energy Healing to radiate from the hands. In addition to the practitioner radiating  Reiki Energy Healing energy through their hands, sessions may involve the practitioners sweeping their hands above the body in various ways, or incorporating breath to break up energy blocks as well as using crystals or stones. Stress, trauma and illness restrict the natural flow of Ki life force energy through the body. By restoring KI life force energy to the body, Reiki Healing rejuvenates the bodies ability to relax and de-stress, and supports its ability to heal itself. The content on this entire website has not been evaluated by the FDA, is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, advise or be used as substitute for professional Medical, Psychological, Psychiatric, Therapeutic, or any other type of treatment, care or advice.

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