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“What a wonderful experience. Totally would recommend to anyone looking
to make improvements on their life.

“When I first called Rachel, I was moving through a very sad time in my life. During the week that I called her, I was non-functioning and crying myself to sleep each night. I knew I had to set a new direction for myself and heal. As a trained hypnotherapist myself, I wanted to find someone uniquely great.
Enter Rachel. She has an amazingly healing presence and offered me complete acceptance and support. Arriving to her office each week was like going to sanctuary and I looked forward to seeing her in the days preceding. I left our sessions feeling jazzed and hopeful about life, and I noticed an increase in energy and enthusiasm in my everyday. I found powerful positive meaning in what had happened and set a new course aligned with my truest self.
Throughout my time with her, which spans approximately 8 sessions, I made many wonderful life changes. I moved to a new home close to the lake, began a relaxing part-time job with healthy and loving coworkers (with a lake view!) and took hugely successful forward steps in my career, which is also my passion.
Rachel is a specialist. She is uplifting, brilliant, and genuine. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any person seeking real change and wishing to honour their most loving, passionate and purposeful self.”

“Rachel is an awesome resource for self-development and healing! She is a true guide in reality and her passion is absolutely contagious! She can literally help with any struggle… self empowerment works wonders!”

“If you are “awake” or “waking up” to the idea that we literally are god (source) creating our own reality having a temporary experience, then I recommend going to Divine Matrix SOULutions. I didn’t know that hypnosis could connect me with my soul and have this extra layer that has been there the whole time, but it needed to be activated I guess. Your higher self talks through you. I got connected back to my soul group when I did the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, I literally felt the connection and I was back, like when you die. I got the confirmation that I needed, and it came from my higher self.
If you need some help reprogramming your brain from living in this society then hypnosis is good at helping that. Your perspective changes and you see things differently after a session, it works pretty well, if you are open to it. It’s hard to talk about something that has to be experienced, but if you’re curious about being hypnotized. It’s pretty relaxing and time goes by fast too. Its a nice experience to have.
It’s just a fun time. The Reiki is relaxing and I would just recommend it all. If you are a spiritual person you will like what Rachel has to offer. I love it all!
Rachel is very open, so you don’t have to sensor yourself or think I shouldn’t say that, she’ll judge me, and think I’m crazy, she wont. It’s fun to talk to her about your spiritual experiences, The Law of Attraction, and let it out instead of keeping it in because you think people won’t understand. There are people who are “awake” and Rachel is one of them, she’s very loving and understanding. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone.”

“Rachel with Divine Matrix SOULutions is wonderful! I have had many experiences with her in hypnosis that were truly life changing for me. She is cheery and uplifting, all while being non judgmental and caring. I recommend any of the services that she provides including Reiki healing, coaching, and tarot card readings.”

“Rachel with Divine Matrix is the best hypnotherapist in Reno, hands down! Her program is an awesome approach to healing. I can’t say enough about how much her services have helped me. Highly recommend her.”

“There’s not enough stars to properly rate Rachel from Divine Matrix SOULutions, she is AMAZING! I can’t even explain the depth of the magic she has helped me create in my life. I’m so glad I got one of her bigger packages, I’ve been able to get help on so many levels because of the multitude of services she offers, a few of them I never would have even tried if they weren’t included in the package and what’s funny is some of those were the most beneficial in my progress lol! It’s so much fun working with her, she radiates joy, positivity, love and encouragement but beware its totally contagious so only work with Rachel if you want to get happy and create the life you desire. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. :)”

“Rachel helped me in so many ways. She is a truly gifted hypnotherapist as well as divine human being. Her love and support helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She gave me the tools needed to become the best version of myself. I can’t recommend her enough!”

“I had no idea how much hypnotherapy could really provide for a person until I experienced it for myself, and I’m so glad I did! Its such a powerful way to take back your life and create SOULutions for yourself. It can really help with anything you struggle with and will help you be the best person you can! I’m so pleased with the progress I have made with Rachel’s guidance in my life and the peace I have gained within is priceless!”

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